Honnouji's Stage;
Two Star Production Club President Kenichi Takuma

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Wait, are we talking about CANON KLK or RP KLK?

I get REALLY REALLY distasteful jokes/questions about what happened to Satsuki in Episode 16…

That episode was a gut punch to the entire idea of fan service in anime and sold me on Satsuki’s character. And on killing Ragyo. If they have the gall to joke about it, they really do not get KLK. At. All. 


"I haven’t seen Kenichi nii-chan in a while. Is he dead?”

"Assuaged, then beaten, then compartmentalized, but never dead, my friend." 

And in comes the producer with a gentle smile on his face and his prop cigar broken but hanging lip from his mouth. The arms go wide.

"Come here, Nagisa. It has been too long." 

Meet the Takumas


Noriko nodded quietly and squeezed his hand in reassurance that she would be there. To see Kenichi in such a vulnerable and tense state was greatly unnerving, and to the heart she was slowly developing, she found it aching to see him in such a state. She felt regret that she made him do this. But, if she were truly serious about him this would have happened anyway. 

Subtly, she scooted closer to him and leaned against him, providing tactile warmth and comfort to the producer. Contact was something important to her. Touch conveyed something much more than words did, she had learned, and the message came across much more sincerely and potently. And so she hoped that through this she could ease him from whatever grievances he had with his family. 

She stared out the window and reflected while watching the view. To care about a person was something she was getting better at. Thanks to her friends, her peers, and even the Elites she found Honnouji to be a much warmer place, and she truly deemed them to be her family. And that much had been enough for her. Until Uzu Sanageyama came into her life, and he taught her how to relax, showed her a perspective she didn’t know, and eventually she developed a crush on him.

Until he walked into her courtroom. 

Kenichi literally turned her life upside-down. Her peace was shattered as he matched her words, facades, techniques, everything. He presented a challenge she had difficulty meeting, and to her utter frustration he pushed her beyond her limits and capabilities. And that was precisely why she wanted to see him so much. To know him more, and to empathize everything that was him. The sly smile he presented, carefully balancing that prop cigarette in those lips permeated her subconcious constantly, wiping away work, club activities, and most notably, Sanageyama. 

She closed her eyes. Kenichi had become a precious person to her, developing the same degree of feelings she did with Sanageyama. Something more intense and passionate than she had with Ren or Hanako or Aya. Between those two guys she found herself at the most important crossroad in her life. From the outcome of this, she will finally make her choice. 

Kenichi had made enough choices for the moment. The stress in his mind was only just starting to fade as the cable car flew onward, dancing lights in the city below. From the opulence of the two-star heights to the twinkling of the no-star slums, the city was alive… And he could see from here the life all the way at the bottom. The squeeze of his companion reminded him where he was, though… Away, for the moment, and with her. As he felt the touch of the lady’s skin, of Noriko, he let his own mind drift in turn. To that which had been his journey up until that point. The trials, both literal and figurative.

His ascent up Honnouji had been under scrutiny since the moment he had arrived. Despite acing entrance exams and entering legitimately, as a transfer no less, his rapid ascension beyond no-star territory had left many perplexed, even angry. Before the his first day on campus was complete, the would-be producer had filed the paperwork for his club, slapping it down before a befuddled secretary. At it’s top, the title he had created himself.

Theatrical and Cinematic Production Club.
Division: Non-Atheletic.  
Specialty: The creation and production of theatrical and cinematic performances. 
Value: The active creation of live training environments for participating students, as well as morale boosting propaganda for no-star students and non-Academy observers. 
Additional Value: The creation of support for other clubs in the form of production stages and filming. 

In short, a theoretical club that had the technical knowledge of the Information division, the physical capabilities of the Athletic division, the authority of the Disciplinary Committee, and all under the unquestioned banner and creativity of the Non-Athletic Division. 

It wasn’t well liked. 

Immediately, fellow No-Star students were attempting to claim similar Club roles. “AV Club,” “Documentary Club,” even the “Film Lady Satsuki’s Heels Club.” All in desperate attempts to grab easy power, just as it seemed the Producer was doing. So began a struggle for the young man, battling it out as a one-man army against these throngs of eager power-grabbers, one which he only ended when he ended up stepping into… 

Her courtroom. 

Through force of personality, will, and razor-sharp wires, he had made it that far, but when it came to Noriko, things seemed… Just a touch different. Most would either clash and fall to pieces, or simply fold in seconds. With her… She showed a similar force of will. One in which he, for whatever reason, ended up playing with far more than normal. Challenging. Pushing, in an attempt to find out it’s limits. And though he did find them in the physical sense, he never truly had found her mental limits alone. …She could very well be capable of even more than him if pushed beyond her own mind. Even so. It wasn’t just a challenge anymore. 

Now, now it was care. It was running simulations in his mind, picturing how best to surprise or please her, and at the same time running afoul of his worst stress. …Which he had, up until now, kept at bay. It was affection. It was… More than he could imagine.

A gentle squeeze of her hand, as they began to near the stop. 

There was a reason Kenichi had gone for Honnouji in the first place. Why he had attempted such an ambitious club. Why he felt such drive. Three reasons in fact. 

And every one of them lay in the bizarrely ornate pagoda sitting off the mountain.


but, consider the following:

soichiro and ryuko as walter white and jesse pinkman

"Say my name."

"Soichirou Kiryu-"

"No! No, the other one." 

"…Dr Isshin Matoi?" 

"Yer goddamn right.” 




[urge to be a leGIT RP BLOG again RISING]

Meet the Takumas


Noriko nodded quietly, listening intently to Kenichi’s description about his family. To say the least, it was completely unexpected. She had assumed that his family had been part of a theater troupe or something related to his passion in production. Now that she thought about it, the conflict evident in the phone call previously probably indicated that he and his family were at odds in a way. Still, not to the degree she was familiar with….

"A dojo huh? You’ve got quite a unique childhood." was all she could really say, noting that there was something off about him, that he was less jovial and more muted than usual, especially around her. 

Her eyebrows raised at his warning, but she simply shrugged. "That’s fine. I don’t mind at all, I mean, I sleep over at Ren’s house sometimes so…that is if I’m not imposing myself." Noriko said with the wave of her hand. She nodded in thanks when he opened the door for her and she walked through, but turned and squeezed his hand tightly.

"Hey…are you sure you’re alright with this? Are you ok?" Noriko asked worriedly, looking into those crimson eyes. He was always hard to read considering he was a master of facades, but she did pick up that there was just a feeling of unease about him, and that concerned her greatly. Did she push him too hard too fast?

A hardened smile came through in that moment, draped over Kenichi’s lips like one would hang a painting over a broken wall. To cover the damage that was otherwise so obvious, so unavoidable. “Of course.” He replied simply, his fingers tightening her own in response to the squeeze. Even still, he began to hold his focus much more steady, as he felt the weight of each step. This was a subject he had not broached with anyone outside the family… Not his club, not his fellow Non-Atheltic Club Presidents, not anyone. No one but her. …And it was something he was painfully aware felt unnatural.

As they crossed the threshold of the building, the pair came to the ropeway express, ever cautiously parked at the top of the academy grounds. With a slip of the card, the producer had paid for them both, and pushed them on through, silent as never before. He held tight to Noriko as they were pushed to the cable car, sighing slow and trying not to think too hard about what was happening. 

It had been a whirlwind in the time they were together in this sense, and since the dinner Ken had felt… Something closer to true pleasure than he had felt in a long time. For all his eccentricities, Noriko had accepted him. Unlike his usual compatriots, she had held her ground even in the face of his seduction. She was, and always had been unique to him… And as such he felt more of a connection than any he could remember. And yet. And yet now he was facing something he had not even considered an issue while in the halls of his theatre, something he had tried his hardest not to think about in the slightest. The family he knew… Would not be nearly so understanding. 

"…Please hold tight." He whispered as the car began it’s rapid descent, face and body calm but his grip, refusing to let go. For a variety of reasons. 


interesting series that have deep and complex characters and dialogue


watching fandoms reduce them to one sentence memes and forcibly inserting pairings that ignore character development and relations


"Two days… five hours… thirty-seven minutes… And I still fail to write more than the beginning and end. A world of ideas and no outlet for them in my script… Hmm. I suppose working on this script will put me in my crypt…"

A moment to sigh and facepalm, as the young man toiled away over his notes in the library.

"And my puns have still yet to improve."